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Sir Walter Buffalo - DNA Certified m2 - Yard Pick Up




Customers MUST top dress with white washed sand at the rate of .5 cubic metre to 100m2 of turf. This white washed sand MUST be well washed into the root system to ensure the leaf can be seen and the sand acts as an insulator for the roots.

Customers are advised to keep the same depth of 25mm down from paths and driveways for our qwelt format.

Sir Walter – Australia’s No.1 Buffalo Lawn is a creeping lawn that only creeps over the surface so it can be easily edged, unlike other creeping grasses that can travel underground and are hard to keep out of the garden. Because it is a creeping grass it loves the summer but won’t do as well in the winter. However, in most cases it will retain some winter colour.This will improve with age. Sir Walter is extremely drought tolerant, grows well in the full sun or dry lightly shaded areas, however, it grows better in the summer than the winter. Sir Walter will not like excessively damp conditions that are in a shaded environment. Sir Walter is lush and green with a tight growth habit to hold out most weeds and repair itself quickly if damaged, lessening the incidence of bare patches.

Sir Walter can be laid throughout the entire year, although it is only advisable to lay during winter in full sun conditions.

Please note: Sir Walter Buffalo is part of our Lawn Solutions Australia house of brands and purchase of this turf variety includes Lawn Solutions Australia accreditation and the 10 year product warranty. * conditions apply.

All Green Nursery & Garden Supplies recommend purchasing the launcher pack for all new lawn installations.

Ideal Installation Period: October - March

Ideal Fertilising Periods: September, December, March and April

* Please note that this code is for pick up only of Sir Walter Buffalo
* A $2.00 per square charge for yard handling is included in this price
* Yard orders are available for all orders under 20 square meters only
* Yard orders are only available on Saturday of each week


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Current Stock Availability (Monday 10th September, 2018)

Available = YES Saturday (Subject to availability)
Sod Strength = In QWELTS, Good. Top Dressing with White Sand in between joins is recommended. Please handle the QWELTS with care
Colour = 80%
Supply = QWELTS
Delivery = N/A
Notes: Pick up on Saturdays.

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