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Scotts Osmocote Organic Fruit & Citrus - 1.5 kg



A plant food and soil improver designed all fruit trees including citrus which combines the best of both worlds. Osmocote® Plus Organics nurtures plant growth both above and below the ground and by creating a balanced and sustainable growing environment, plants are healthier, stronger and less susceptible to insect attacks and diseases, season after season.

No dig, long term solution for plant and soil health
Blends a full complement of quality organic fertilisers and soil conditioners with regular Osmocote
Feeds continuously for 6 months
Specially formulated to promote good fruit set and lots of large tasty fruit to harvest
Organic matter rejuvenates the soil and encourages beneficial microbial and earthworm activity that improves soil structure
Active micro-organisms reduce the incidence of soil-borne disease and assist in nutrient uptake by plants.
Includes a wetting agent that helps water and nutrients soak in to the soil
Feeding the soil is key to having a great garden

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